Hype Page

A page for hyping up a bunch of my talented friends who helped me to start and grow my business!


  • Jess designed my Reiko Co. logo (and the precious chicken who can be found in some secret spots on my website and packaging)! She is a jack of all trades and master of puns! Right now she is starring on Season 3 of NBC's "Making It," crafting up a storm and making us all way proud.


  • Marissa is another brilliant genius—an artist, law student, mushroom enthusiast, and absolute personal hero of mine. She created the gorgeous Reiko Co. "I-Spy-esque" illustration that appears in a lot of my branding! 


  • My lobster sister, Sachi, who has been an amazing model for all my pieces, especially during this year of social distancing! She also started a business this year selling eyebrow-oriented beauty products, including her signature DIY Brow Tint "Captain Brows"!